Download HawaiiBiosReader-v1.1 (Bios Editing 290/290X/295X2/390/390X)

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!!! WARNING !!!
!!! WARNING !!!

Supported cards

Generally this editor supports editing BIOS ROMs of the GCN2 generation of GPUs, namely Hawaii and Bonaire.

  • R9 390/R9 390X 8GB
  • R9 290/R9 290X reference 4GB/8GB
  • R9 295X2 reference (no fantable yet)
  • R7 360
  • R7 260/R7 260X
  • HD 7790
  • FirePro W9100
  • FirePro W8100 – partial support

If you try to load an unsupported ROM there is an option to continue anyway, use at your own risk.

If your card’s ROM is not supported, then send me PM or write here on github and I will try to fix it 🙂

DPM tables

Stock Hawaii XT DPM table

DPM 0300 Mhz0.96875 V
DPM 1516 Mhz1.01875 V
DPM 2727 Mhz1.05000 V
DPM 3840 Mhz1.07500 V
DPM 4890 Mhz1.10000 V
DPM 5936 Mhz1.12500 V
DPM 6977 Mhz1.18750 V
DPM 71000 Mhz1.21250 V

To find your DPM7, please use AIDA64.

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  1. Hello, I have r9 390x, I need to mod the bios to get more mining performance but I can not understate how to do it can you please help me, Thank you

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