AwesomeMiner v7.8.3 Crack [CPU/GPU/ASIC miner]

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Awesome miner v7.8.3 Crack (Nvidia & AMD)

Awesome miner v7.8.3 Crack (CPU GPU miner) — Один из самых многофункциональных майнеров поддерживающих видеокарты как AMD так и Nvidia. кроме того имеется возможность майнинга на CPU.

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Version 7.8.3
   Future versions of Awesome Miner and Remote Agent will require Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 or later.
   - This .NET version is already included in Windows 10 since April 2018. Run 'winver' to check the current Windows 10 version. If the version is 1803 or above, all is fine and no action is required.
   - For Windows 7, Windows 8 and older versions of Windows 10, please download and install:
 GPU mining
  - Added additional mining algorithms
  - The Information column can be configured to display the Antminer ASIC voltage
  - The Mining History will ignore unrealistic temperature readings reported by mining software or ASIC miners
 Mining software
  - GMiner 2.13
  - Lolminer 1.03
  - NoncerPro nVidia Miner 3.3.1

Version 7.8.2
 Awesome Miner Antminer firmware
  - User interface update: Added Mining Profile configuration property for Reset Profile
  - Operations can be performed on groups (both standard groups and Virtual miner groups) on the Groups tab in the same way operations are performed on the Miners tab
  - The groups on the Groups tab will display power efficiency and average miner revenue if configured
 Mining software
  - GMiner 2.12
  - Lolminer 1.02
  - WildRig Miner 0.25.2
  - CpuMiner-Opt 3.14.3

Version 7.8.1
 GPU mining
  - Support for BeamHashIII mining
  - Virtual miner groups - displayed and configured on the Groups tab
    - Virtual miner groups are not displayed on the Miners tab and not related to the primary group structure
    - A Virtual miner group can include any number of miners and miner groups. Multiple Virtual miner groups can include the same miners.
    - Virtual miner groups can be used for miner selection for rules
    - Rule action 'Virtual miner group' to either add or remove miners from a Virtual miner group
  - Mining history setting for usage display in percent or time is saved
  - Hide secondary hashrate for mining software with dual mining support in case dual mining isn't used
  - If miner revenue calculations are configured to consider the average hashrate the power usage should also be adjusted to match the average hashrate relative the current hashrate
 Mining software
  - GMiner 2.11
  - Lolminer 1.01
  - TeamRedMiner 0.7.7
  - Bminer 16.2.6
  - Miniz miner 1.6v3
  - Correction to Miner Group Summary setting that wasn't saved correctly when restarting the application

Version 7.8
 ASIC mining
  - Improved support for monitoring of Antminers running BraiinsOS BOSminer
 GPU mining
  - Added additional algorithms
  - Multiple rules can be selected and removed in a single operation
  - Improved import and export of rules
  - Configuration to ignore rules on startup. Configurable in the Options dialog, Advanced section
  - All rules can be paused via the toolbar Tools -> Rules -> Pause all rules. The rules can be resumed using the same menu.
  - Mining History can report usage in either percent or time (previously only percent was displayed)
  - Miner Group summary can display average revenue per miner. Configurable in the Options dialog, General section.
  - Miner revenue calculations can be configured to use the average miner hashrate instead of the current hashrate (default). Configurable in the Options dialog, General section.
  - List active rules for a specific Miner Group. Available via the context menu for a miner group, Group -> Rules.
 Mining software
  - NbMiner 31.3
  - XmRig Miner 6.2.2
  - Bminer 16.2.4
  - T-Rex Miner 0.15.8
  - Lolminer 1.0

Version 7.7.6
 Awesome Miner Antminer firmware
  - Antminer firmware S17, S17+, T17, T17+ version 2.0.1 released
  - Added configuration for the new Mining Profile properties in version 2.0.1
  - Updated user interface for Mining Profile configuration
  - Notification action can be configured with webhook HTTP headers
  - Correction to display for current mining profile

Version 7.7.5
 Awesome Miner Antminer firmware
  - List Mining Profile power usage for Antminer S17 and T17.
  - Progress column adds support for expression 'miningHelper.GetBtcPerDay()'
  - Information column adds Revenue in USD/day and Profit in USD/day
  - Webhook action can set custom HTTP headers
  - Configurable if Dashboard should count disabled miners in total number
 Mining software
  - SrbMiner Multi 0.4.7
  - TeamRedMiner 0.7.6
  - Correction to system uptime trigger
  - Correction to license usage check for subscriptions
  - Correction to Prohashing pool balance

Version 7.7.4
 Awesome Miner Antminer firmware
  - The ASIC tab displays the ideal hashrate per device
 ASIC mining: 
  - The ASIC tab displays the fan speed in a separate column
  - The trigger for Miner State includes additional disconnected stats to consider
 Mining software
  - XmRig Miner 6.2
  - Wildrig Miner 0.25.1
  - Gminer 2.10
  - TeamRedMiner 0.7.5
  - CpuMiner-Opt 3.14.2
  - SrbMiner Multi 0.4.6
  - PhoenixMiner 5.0e

Version 7.7.3
 ASIC mining
  - Pool changes supported for Antminers running BraiinsOS BOSminer
  - Rule variables via Check Variable trigger and Set Variable action. Can for example be used as counters for how many times a rule has been executed for a specific miner.
  - Rule action to move miners to miner group
  - Tag filtering can be set to Inverted mode, to show all miners that don't meet the filter criteria
 User interface
  - Miner list can be sorted by average hashrate
 Mining software
  - SrbMiner Multi 0.4.5
  - Correction to sorting by time in the list of notifications for a specific miner

Version 7.7.2
 GPU mining
   - Improved Device Count trigger. A Managed Miner (and Managed Profit Miner) can be configured for an expected number of mining devices (GPUs, CPUs) in the Properties, Advanced section, of the miner. The Device Count trigger can be configured to trigger if the number of reported mining devices are less than expected.
   - Diagnostics improved to detect and display additional Visual C++ runtime versions installed
  - New rule trigger for system uptime
  - Rules can be configured to limit the number of executions per day
  - The Information column can be configured to display the revenue and profit in BTC per day, no matter which primary display currency is being used.
  - The Information column can be configured to display number of mining devices
 User interface
  - Operations to expand all and collapse all miner groups
 Mining software
  - PhoenixMiner 5.0b
  - Bminer 16.2.1
  - T-Rex Miner 0.15.7
  - XmRig miner 5.11.2
  - TeamRedMiner 0.7.3
  - Correction to profit switcher calculations for Luxor Equihash pool
  - Correction to WildRig running on Linux

Version 7.7.1
  - Awesome Miner API endpoint for reading and setting GPU clocking properties
  - Luxor Mining Pool Equihash pool profit display
  - Nicehash account balance. Requires to be configured in the Options dialog, Balance section
  - Mining Dutch pool list updated
  - When adding multiple External Miners by a list of IP addresses, any duplicates compared to what's already added in Awesome Miner will be ignored
 Mining software
  - Kawpow Miner 1.2.3
  - Miniz Miner 1.5t3
  - CpuMiner-Opt 3.13.2
  - WildRig Miner 0.24.1
  - TeamRedMiner 0.7.1
  - NanoMiner 1.9.4
  - Z-enemy Miner 2.6.2
  - Correction to ASIC chip ideal hashrate calculations for Awesome Miner Antminer S9 Dual mode firmware
  - Correction to GPU selection using Claymore Ethereum Miner in systems with a mix of AMD and nVidia GPUs
  - Correction to Mining Profile selection for rule action and added missing 65 TH mining profile selection for Antminer S17 running latest firmware version

Version 7.7
 ASIC mining
  - Set custom configuration properties adds support for setting pool properties using property name expressions like: pools[0].url
 GPU mining
  - Only show mining software version when known and not when defining a custom software version
  - The feature to automatically map GPUs to system monitoring will always be enabled
  - Russian language support. The language is configurable in the Options dialog, General section.
  - Antminer feature 'Set custom configuration properties' available via rule actions
 User interface
  - Added support for sorting on pool in the miner list
 Mining software
  - Added software: Kawpow Miner 1.2.2
  - T-Rex miner 1.15.6
  - WildRig Miner 0.23.2
  - SrbMiner-Multi 0.4.4
  - NanoMiner 1.9.3
  - CpuMiner-Opt 3.13.1
  - TT-Miner 5.0.1

Version 7.6
 ASIC mining
  - Fan speed display for BraiinsOS BOSminer
 GPU mining
  - Configuration of time span for mining process restart on frequent crashes. Configurable in the Options dialog, Mining Settings.
  - RVN coin prepared for Kawpow algorithm. Fork and algorithm change on May 6th, 18:00 GMT. Coin statistics may not be correct for some period of time after the fork.
  - Support for improved concurrency when using large scale mining operations. The concurrency level can now be increased to 200 in the Options dialog, Advanced section.
 User interface
  - Sorting of the Progress column can sort on the value displayed as part of a custom expression
  - Updated Ethereum, Verge and Bitcoin Cash block explorers for wallet balance 
 Mining software
  - NanoMiner 1.9.1
  - T-Rex miner 1.15.4
  - NbMiner 30.2
  - WildRig Miner 0.20.6
  - Z-enemy Miner 2.5
  - Bminer 16.2
  - Correction to the PROTO parameter for Phoenix Miner when mining UBQ

Version 7.5.5
 Awesome Miner Antminer firmware
  - New firmware version for Antminer L3+/L3++. After the upgrade, a Mining Profile must be applied for the Antminer to operate at the correct hashrate.
 ASIC mining
  - Temperature display for BraiinsOS BOSminer
  - Improved log file rotation
 Mining software
  - Gminer 2.09
  - CpuMiner-Opt
  - NbMiner 30.0
  - Managed Profit Switcher correction for a specific scenario where Phoenix Miner is used in combination with thresholds
  - Correction to profit factors calculations for user defined pools in specific scenarios

Version 7.5.4
  - Display of power efficiency in the miner list and displayed as an average per miner group. Configurable in the Options dialog, General section.
 Mining software
  - TT-miner 4.0.0
  - XmRig 5.11.1
  - Correction to triggers detecting the current Firmware Mining Profile for Antminer S17/T17
  - Correction to profit factors calculations for user defined pools in specific scenarios

Version 7.5.3
  - Added HTTP API for modifying configuration file properties on Antminers
  - The Information column can include power efficiency expressed as Watt/TH
  - Show Antminer firmware date on the Summary tab for a selected miner
  - The use of MiningWorker variable in the pool password field can be used even when 'Add to worker name' is disabled on the miner
 Mining software
  - CpuMiner-Opt
  - XmRig 5.11

Version 7.5.2
 Awesome Miner Antminer firmware
  - Introducing firmware for Antminer S17+
  - Introducing firmware for Antminer T17+
 ASIC mining
  - Antminer K5 supported with temperature display and device details
 GPU mining
  - Improved support for Ubuntu 20.04 for Remote Agent on Linux
 Mining software
  - SrbMiner Multi 0.4.3
  - CpuMiner-Opt 3.12.8

Version 7.5.1
 Awesome Miner Antminer firmware
  - Make the existing feature Default Pools (via web) available for Antminers running the Awesome Miner Antminer firmware, in case SSH isn't preferred
  - Improved display of temperatures when a hashboard isn't working
 Mining software
  - SrbMiner Multi 0.4.2
  - Gminer 2.06
  - RhMiner 2.3
  - NbMiner 29.1
  - Correction to hashrate display for Claymore Neoscrypt miner

Version 7.5
 ASIC mining
  - Innosilicon miners can be rebooted via the web interface. The External Miner has a new property 'Miner type' where Innosilicon can be selected, required for the Innosilicon specific reboot operation.
  - The External Miner property for Avalon 10 miners has been moved to be a part of the new 'Miner type' property, where Avalon 10 is one of the options.
 GPU mining
  - IMPORTANT: Awesome Miner will by default automatically map GPU monitoring details to the GPUs reported by the mining software, unless manual 'Map to system monitoring' is used. To disable the new behavior, go to the Options dialog, GPU Settings section, where 'Automatic device mapping' can be disabled.
  - Improved device mapping when using a mix of GPU models
  - Added trigger for looking at the current Mining Profile for Antminers running the Awesome Miner firmware
 User interface
  - The list of active mining devices for a miner can be selected and copied to clipboard
  - Using the new subscription based licenses with Managed Miners, only one license is consumed per host instead of per miner instance.
 Mining software
  - CpuMiner-Opt 3.12.7
  - XmRig 5.10.0
  - SrbMiner 0.4.1
  - WildRig miner 0.20.5b
  - Gminer 2.04
  - NbMiner 28.1
  - Bminer 16.1
  - Correction to pool and worker name display on the Pools tab in specific dual mining scenarios
  - Correction to dual mining revenue calculations for specific pool combinations

Version 7.4
 ASIC mining
  - Network scan for Antminers supports a new mode where the hostname of the miner can be defined as part of the scan - also linking the hostname with the External Miner
  - Add multiple External Miners at once by specifying a list of IP addresses in the Add Miner wizard
  - Support copy of IP addresses to clipboard from the list of results when performing ASIC operations like Default Pools or Configure API Access
  - Antminer IP Reporter feature, where pressing the 'IP Report' button on an Antminer. This feature can be accessed via the toolbar Tools -> ASIC Tools.
 GPU mining
  - Edit GPU Clocking Profiles directly from the Benchmark dialog
  - Added additional algorithms
  - Improved device power usage detection for GPU mining benchmark
  - New trigger for mining uptime. Can be used to define behaviors after the mining has been running for a certain period of time.
  - Improved trigger 'Detect dead/sick device' to detect ASIC chip marked as Red by the Awesome Miner Antminer firmware
  - The profit switcher can be configured for a second switching interval with another threshold level. Example: If the primary interval is 3 minutes with a 20% threshold, the secondary interval can be 8 minutes with a 10% threshold.
  - The profit switcher for External Miners supports the setting for Minimum time on pool
  - A profit profile can be configured to override the global value for Minimum time on pool. Can for example be used to switch pools for ASIC miners less often than GPU miners.
  - The information column can be configured to show the notes entered for a miner, mining software, ASIC description and ASIC details
 Mining software
  - Gminer 2.01, incl. dual mining of Ethereum + Handshake
  - NbMiner 27.7
  - XmRig 5.9
  - CpuMiner-Opt
  - SrbMiner 0.4.0
  - NoncerPro nVidia Miner 3.3.0
  - Correction to GPU Clocking Profile Groups on Linux
  - Correction to benchmark of Handshake algorithm for NbMiner and Gminer
  - Correction to Phoenix Miner algorithms
  - Correction to main window behavior to prevent it from staying on top
  - Correction to API reports taking long time to generate due to slow ASIC miner responses
  - Correction to display of mining software uptime when more than one day
  - Correction to Task Scheduler setup in environments where the computer name and user name is identical
  - Improved behavior in case the computer time is being changed
  - Improved fan speed display for Awesome Miner Antminer firmware with fan check turned off

Version 7.3.8
  - Correction to Antminer detection (issue introduced in 7.3.7)
  - Correction to web interface when screen height was very small

Version 7.3.7
 ASIC mining
  - Antminer network settings (IP address and hostname) can be configured via the toolbar Tools -> Antminer network
 Mining software
  - CpuMiner-Opt 3.12.5
  - WildRig Miner 0.20.4
  - SrbMiner Multi 0.3.7
  - NbMiner 27.4
  - Correction to XmRig GPU device order reporting
  - Make Pool Configuration available via the local web interface even when running in mobile mode

Version 7.3.6
 Awesome Miner Antminer firmware
  - Improved firmware installation for Antminer L3+ with better unlock support
 ASIC mining
  - Added feature to configure Antminer network settings (via the ASIC Tools menu)
  - Added new setting for the automatic API access configuration, to indicate if a mining process restart should be automatically performed
 Mining software
  - CpuMiner-Opt
  - XmRig 5.7
  - Gminer 1.98
  - WildRig Miner 0.20.2
  - SrbMiner Multi 0.3.6

Version 7.3.5
 GPU mining
  - Added additional algorithms and coin images
  - Awesome Miner will automatically update mappings of coin algorithms from our cloud servers. New coins can also be introduced faster this way.
 Mining software
  - XmRig integration improved to display CPU and GPU devices separately
  - SrbMiner Multi 0.3.5, including Linux support
  - NbMiner 27.2, including Handshake dual mining support
  - Bminer 16.0.7, including Handshake dual mining support
  - Lolminer 0.9.8
  - CpuMiner-Opt
  - Nanominer 1.8.2
  - Gminer 1.97
  - Correction to configuration of increased GPU power usage reporting in percent for Linux
  - Correction to display of API identifier for Managed Templates
  - Improved display of chip status for Awesome Miner firmware even if the configuration file isn't complete

Version 7.3.4
 Awesome Miner Antminer firmware
  - Firmware version 1.0 for Antminer S17 and T17.
  - Updated mining profile configuration in Awesome Miner to support the new firmware version
  - Network Scan improved to allow adding found ASIC miners by hostname instead of IP address
  - Network Scan user interface improved and more of the scan settings are saved
 Mining software
  - XmRig 5.6
  - CryptoDredge 0.23
  - Nanominer 1.8.1
  - Correction to how accepted and rejected shares from the DevFee pools are excluded from the total number of shares in the miner list

Version 7.3.3
 Awesome Miner Antminer firmware
  - Firmware for Antminer L3+ officially supports Antminer L3++ as well
  - Made more CryptoNight related algorithms available for Yiimp-based pools
 User interface
  - Updates to control alignments
  - Disable access to 'Default pools (via web)' for miners running the Awesome Miner Antminer firmware. Use the SSH method instead.
  - Exchange filter on volume can be configured to favor high volume exchanges while still being able to fallback a lower volume exchange if no better exchange is available
 Mining software
  - CpuMiner-Opt 3.12.3
  - RhMiner 2.2b
  - Correction to display of ASIC chip performance for Antminer T9+ running the Awesome Miner firmware

Version 7.3.2
 Awesome Miner Antminer firmware
  - Exclude the accepted and rejected shares from the DevFee pools in the total number of shares in the miner list
 ASIC mining
  - Reboot support for Avalon 10 ASIC miners
  - Bulk Edit of property for Avalon 10 on External Miners
  - Automatic backup of all configuration before upgrading to a new version
  - Changed block explorer for BTC to get bech32 address support
 User interface
  - New information icon and tooltip design
 Mining software
  - Bminer 16.0.5
  - CpuMiner-Opt 3.12.2
  - Nanominer 1.8
  - RhMiner 2.2
  - Correction to setting fan speed for nVidia RTX 2000 on Linux

Version 7.3.1
  - Correction to wallet balance display for user defined coins with a value specified in USD instead of BTC
  - Correction to loading of Tag related actions

Version 7.3
 Awesome Miner Antminer firmware
  - New firmware release (0.9.9 beta2) for Antminer S17 and T17 available
  - Mining Profile configurable for Antminer S17 and T17
  - ASIC chip performance display for Antminer S17 and T17
  - Mining Profile configurable for Antminer T9+
  - Firmware mining profile can be access via the main toolbar of Awesome Miner
 ASIC mining
  - Improved pool change support for Avalon 10 ASIC miners
  - Improved display of the speed of all fans for recent Antminers and Canaan Avalon miners
 GPU mining
  - System monitoring of disk space will query for free disk space less frequently
  - Automatic disable of Windows Update on all mining computers, configurable via the Options dialog, Mining Settings section
  - Automatic update of Remote Agents, configurable via the Options dialog, General section
  - The API to set coin profitability will also allow for making name changes to a user defined coin
  - The Information column can be configured to display the fan speed for ASIC and GPU miners
  - Luxor mining pool
  - Nicehash CuckaToo32 pool added
  - Increased the maximum wait times configurable in the Options dialog, Mining settings
 User interface
  - Updates to text strings in the user interface to be more consistent
 Mining software
  - Bminer 16.0.3
  - Miniz Miner 1.5t
  - CpuMiner-Opt 3.12.0
  - XmRig 5.5.3
  - Nanominer 1.7.3
  - Lolminer 0.9.7, incl. improved algorithm parameter configuration via Awesome Miner
  - RhMiner 2.1c
  - Gminer 1.96
  - SrbMiner Multi 0.3.1
 - Correction to date display in the benchmark window
 - Correction to device selection when using Gminer with both AMD and nVidia

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